Thursday, February 23, 2006

Guess where “Pinocchio” is...

My friend Nancy sent me a link to the homepage of a man who has covered his body with tattoos of Disney® characters. He had 1,700 as of April, 2005.

Bertrand Russell said he was just riding his bicycle one day, and BANG! he was not in love with his wife. For decades (I think) he loved her, and then, one moment later, he never loved her again.

What if that happens with this guy and Disney? Actually, it looks like his web site hasn't been updated in 10 months, so maybe the air's already gone out.

Would the tattoos prevent him from admitting that his cartoon tastes had changed? That huge, public, physiological commitment might force him to keep telling himself he still loves Disney, just so that he doesn't feel like a fool.

On the other hand, such strategies don't necessarily work too well with people who get tattoos of their human love objects and make public commitments to them. Adultery and divorce happen all the time. (Look at Bertrand Russell.)

A Freudian might say the guy really hates Disney, deep down. The tattoo display is reaction formation or self-punishment for his Disney-hating thoughts.

Freudians are so boring.


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