Friday, March 17, 2006

I hate Arianna Huffington

Oooh! George Clooney nailed I mean nailed  Arianna Huffington. I hate her.

Tell me I'm wrong Her staff took excerpts from interviews George had done with the Guardian  and Larry King. (By the way, Larry King looks, sounds, and moves like he's in his nineties, not just 73.) They mortared them together and published the result on Arianna's very-slow-loading web site, the Huffington Post, as if it were an original blog post by George.

But when he found out about it, boy, was he mad! Supposedly the Huff had permission from George's publicist, who's probably in for it frm George. (I would hate to get bawled out by that man, or Batman, let me tell you.) George says he's never had a ghostwriter. The Huff has since removed the offending page.

It galls me that people take Arianna seriously. When George started making a stink about this, “She said some things that I won't share, but she did tell me that this could be bad…for my career,” he told Lloyd Grove. Are you kidding me?! Arianna thought she could threaten pinnacle-level superstar, director, multiple Emmy®- and Oscar®-winner George Clooney's career  with her stupid word-vacuum?

The less delicious but more nutritious take-home from this incident, however, is the knowledge that the Huff probably pulls such shit all the time. Desperately trawling for content to fill up their for-profit site, they need opinionated stuff by really famous people. Problem: most really famous people don't have many interesting or thoughtful opinions on subjects outside their careers. Since there's a lot of stuff on the Huff by really famous people opining outside their careers, the staff there may be primarily composed of ghosts.

Anything on the Huffington Post that's written by a famous person who's not a professional writer is now suspect. As far as I'm concerned, anything there that's written by a movie star is fake.

You may rest assured, however, that everything  on this blog really is written by George Clooney.


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