Sunday, March 12, 2006

I whiff at Pharyngula

I submitted a comment at biologist PZ Myers' blog Pharyngula. That was this morning. They have to get approved by a moderator (I assume PZ?) before they appear. Quite a few hours later, he allowed one making the same point, I guess in a better way. Mine said:
Forrest comments on the sociology and politics of the creationist movement and on evolutionary science in education and popular culture — categories in which she is a qualified academic researcher. She's published on those subjects in professional and technical journals and is a full professor in Southeastern Louisiana University's Department of History and Political Science.
The one he published said
I don't see your point. If you bothered to read the interview, you would know that Forrest testified about the history of the Intelligent Design Creationism, not the "science". Also, since ID is not science, but is religion, (which is now backed by legal precedent) Forrest, as a philosopher seems perfectly well qualified to comment on it. I don't see how this compares to mechanical engineers and lawyers commenting on the probability of biological phenomena.
Mine was focused, less contentious, had links, grammar, and sentence structure. But it wasn't as good, and he knew it for hours before he even saw the other one. Sigh.  That's okay. I have a blanket I can crawl under.... There's no way I could do grad school. Why do I keep thinking that's possible? I'm stupid in a way you can't cure by trying harder or being more careful. A stilted, unimaginative bore.


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