Monday, March 27, 2006

Michael York is 64!

Michael York Today is the 64th birthday of British actor Michael York, star of Logan's Run (1976), the movie in which people get a wonderful life but have to take manditory death at age 30. I haven't seen it since I was in my mid-twenties, but this good (i.e., helpful) review has convinced me to see it again — with York's DVD commentary, of course.

What really makes me curious about York, though, is his participation in the Christian evangelical apocalyptic Omega Code series (1 & 2), which seems to stand in apposition to every other movie he's ever worked in, not least the Austin Powers series.

Does York believe that end-of-the-world stuff? He's an actor, so naturally, he will do anything for money, and I assume the doomsayers paid him well enough. All I've ever been able to find out about what York thinks of the actual beliefs the films promote is equivocal-sounding stuff about the forgotten Christian audience. There's this, but it's an indirect quote, re-written by the reporter:
“York says many people believe that the first film and this sequel are actual truisms that could occur because it's based on the Bible.”Zap2it
Did York really say exactly that? What could he have meant by truism? Surely not the dictionary definition (obvious or undeniable). His not-recently-updated official web site is silent on matters of faith.

Dispatches from Armageddon He produced a book about his experience playing the Omega antichrist (now selling for 45¢ in remainders at Amazon), which I may have to read to get a better answer.

Update: I just ordered a 46¢ remaindered copy of Dispatches from Armageddon: Making the Movie Megiddo...a Devilish Diary!  by the birthday boy. Clearly this blog will stop at nothing in its relentless search for the truth.

Update 6/20/2006: I finally read York's book and posted the result here.


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