Thursday, March 02, 2006

Pope Dobson

Responding to a statement by pro-choice Cathoilics in the House of Representatives, a Family Research Council spokesman said opposition to abortion is the  Catholic belief.
“What is at the core of being Catholic is the life issue, and that's something the pope has never strayed from. While other issues are important — such as helping the poor, the death penalty, views on war — these are things that aren't tenets of the Catholic Church.”   –Tom McClusky

(The FRC is predominantly Protestant, and its founder & leader, James Dobson, is a Nazerene. McClusky, its acting vice president for government affairs, is a Catholic.)

What a relief to know that helping the poor is not a “tenet” of the church. That'll save people a lot of money. I guess Jesus was confused.

But how is opposition to the death penalty not part of “the life issue”? How do they possibly draw that line?

You know, Protestants have always mocked the Catholic idea that the pope can give doctrine infallibly. But these Evangelical preachers always think they are speaking ex cathedra.


Blogger swivel-chair psychologist said...

I guess I speak ex swivel-cathedra...

3/04/2006 1:29 PM  

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