Friday, March 17, 2006

This blog’s true intention

Steve Hayes
The primary reason I started a blog at all was to write about “acceptance and commitment therapy”, its creator Steve Hayes, and appurtenances thereto. But I wanted to get established as a blogger first. Not necessarily establish an audience (’tis to laugh) but at least post enough so that I had a style and wasn’t a one-note piper.

That approach isn’t working so well. It’s like walking around with your head poked through the bottom of a garbage bag so people will take you seriously when you wear your new sweater.

It’s like eating a chunk of Styrofoam® every day to get yourself ready for waffles and syrup.

It’s like—     You get the point.

So don’t be surprised if this blog now becomes obsessive, pitiful, and pathetic; focuses on sick, idiosyncratic minutiae; and veers dangerously close to the self-involved.



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