Saturday, May 13, 2006

Mary Cheney is worthless. Or worse.

I've been wanting to post about Mary Cheney for a long time. The occasion of her autobiography sales-promotion campaign is opportune.

But I could not do better than the anonymous reader who helpfully clarified the situation for Andrew Sullivan:
I wish I had the time to write a calm and reasoned response to your entries about Condi Rice and Mary Cheney, but since I don't, this is going to be from the heart:

It's irrelevant that Rice or any of the other members of this administration are "tolerant" of GLBT people or that they have gay/lesbian family members or friends, when they win elections by stirring up anti-gay prejudice in this country. Why don't you see this?

Of course, Condi and the Bushes and the Cheneys are tolerant of gays and lesbians. They are sophisticated people who have known gay people as neighbors, colleagues, family members, and friends all their lives. If anything, that makes their cynical exploitation of gays as a campaign issue all the more contemptible.

As for Mary Cheney, yeah, I'm glad she's FINALLY spoken up. But she has it pretty cushy, no? No matter what happens to the rest of us --- when "marriage protection" laws go into effect in state after state, potentially depriving us of existing domestic partner benefits, wills, powers of attorney, guardianship, or any other rights that "approximate" marriage --- she and Heather will still be sheltered by the wealth and privilege they enjoy by being members of the Cheney family.

Until all gay people have equal rights and protection under the law, I don't give a good god damn that Condi Rice was sweet to some transgendered person or that the Cheneys love their lesbian daughter. Did you read Mary Cheney's coming-out story? She said that her mother wept out of sadness and fear that her daughter would face a life of "pain and prejudice" as a lesbian. From whom I wonder? Oh yeah, right, the people who put her father in office.
Oh, well said. Now if only you'd write in after every other time Sullivan posts an opinion.


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